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Saturday, January 5, 2019

"Swinter" Tips of Survival

It's currently January of 2019, and I''m here to report that it's the Winter that feels as something from a cartoon.  The weather is as bipolar as my last relationship, and frankly I feel as though we're all about to resort to a tropical island and hibernate in our tank tops and booty shorts for sake of saving our hard on cashed from tissues to napkins at the bar.  But hey!  Let's make the most of it!  I'm here to bring you ten amazing tips on how to "brighten" up your mood from "Swinter" blues to "Swinter" joys.
  1. Bundle up nice and warm and if you're local to a beach, grab yourself some awesome beach toys and snow boards and take an awesome escape.
  2. Explore the options of finding a spa or gym with a sauna, pool, or hub tub and steam your worries away. 
  3. Go to explore the terrain in your area and find awesome places to escape when you're looking to escape from day to day life.  
  4. Look into if your area has some awesome indoor arcades, go kart places, or bowling allies.   
  5. Make positive notes and hand them out in public places.  
  6. Go to a thrift shop and DIY an awesome new outfit.  
  7. Volunteer at local community animal shelter or event for support.  
  8. Have a movie marathon and during each break try recreating a new recipe.  (Keep your eyes peeled for my next post for "Swinter" recipes!) 
  9. Try planting an in home garden to keep up with over the next couple months to prepare to move to an outdoor one.  
  10. Make a journal of activities you would like to do in the upcoming warmer months.  


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