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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Grouping Together vs Grouping Against

Pet Lover's of Union County, NJ 

"Turning a New Paw"

(Pictured is my dog, Jagger :) ) 

You see the reason why I know that I'm not like most people in my area or even just most people in general, is since I look at life from a different perspective than others.  Like how everyone knows the famous saying "When life gives you lemons . . . You make lemonade", well you see I make blogs, Facebook groups, or hell even just cookies to make sure that everyone is smiling and at ease.  Some of you might think "Okay well, what's so bad about that?"  You see, most people that surround me don't think like this.  

I recently created a Facebook group approximately three weeks ago after being inspired by one woman's Facebook post in another group that I'm in on Facebook about how she was asked to leave our local Home Goods because her smaller dog was in her cart.  Meanwhile, this confused the woman and the majority of people in the comments section seeing as how the company advertises to be a "Pet-Friendly Company".  While on the other hand, the comments section took a darker turn to state how it is quite silly that one would even "feel the need to go shopping with their dogs" or "finds it repulsive to have a dog in the store". 

Being an animal lover all of my life I really took offense to some of the commentaries and found sympathy for the woman in the fact that unfortunately like everything in life, not everyone is going to share the same views on things as you and not everyone is going to keep their mouths shut about not liking your views either.  

In a perfect word of mine, I would wish that everyone would just listen to the one bit of advice that I stride with from my family and that is of course "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"  And with that being said I simply said nothing on the post except once I completed my new group of positivity of furry love and then took to the post to announce it's not birth on Facebook for future concerns in the area to be stated in the group, that way only like-minded individuals would be in it.  This isn't me trying to exclude people of the beliefs of not being completely furry friendly, but simply allowing more people who have this mindset to come to join the cult and bask in endless free animal hair. 

I personally find it comforting to find an outlet of people who share common interests as you, so that way in life you don't feel so dark in stuck in a position like you're the only one in the world like you.  Almost like how I stated that not everyone takes the same outlook on situations as I. 

I feel like this is also why I started this blog in the first place, to start a platform of people that might share the same input to comment like-minded things and find common ground as I. 

In conclusion, the outcome of this group I find to be simple.  To create a platform on Facebook of people who aren't afraid to bask in their animal obsessions and help stick to the main goal at hand of making sure that their happiness is key! 

If by chance you live in Union County, NJ I encourage you to reach out and join the group or if you're not, create a group in your area!  I community becomes stronger when everyone comes together! 

Notes from the Author

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