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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Grouping Together vs Grouping Against

Pet Lover's of Union County, NJ 

"Turning a New Paw"

(Pictured is my dog, Jagger :) ) 

You see the reason why I know that I'm not like most people in my area or even just most people in general, is since I look at life from a different perspective than others.  Like how everyone knows the famous saying "When life gives you lemons . . . You make lemonade", well you see I make blogs, Facebook groups, or hell even just cookies to make sure that everyone is smiling and at ease.  Some of you might think "Okay well, what's so bad about that?"  You see, most people that surround me don't think like this.  

I recently created a Facebook group approximately three weeks ago after being inspired by one woman's Facebook post in another group that I'm in on Facebook about how she was asked to leave our local Home Goods because her smaller dog was in her cart.  Meanwhile, this confused the woman and the majority of people in the comments section seeing as how the company advertises to be a "Pet-Friendly Company".  While on the other hand, the comments section took a darker turn to state how it is quite silly that one would even "feel the need to go shopping with their dogs" or "finds it repulsive to have a dog in the store". 

Being an animal lover all of my life I really took offense to some of the commentaries and found sympathy for the woman in the fact that unfortunately like everything in life, not everyone is going to share the same views on things as you and not everyone is going to keep their mouths shut about not liking your views either.  

In a perfect word of mine, I would wish that everyone would just listen to the one bit of advice that I stride with from my family and that is of course "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"  And with that being said I simply said nothing on the post except once I completed my new group of positivity of furry love and then took to the post to announce it's not birth on Facebook for future concerns in the area to be stated in the group, that way only like-minded individuals would be in it.  This isn't me trying to exclude people of the beliefs of not being completely furry friendly, but simply allowing more people who have this mindset to come to join the cult and bask in endless free animal hair. 

I personally find it comforting to find an outlet of people who share common interests as you, so that way in life you don't feel so dark in stuck in a position like you're the only one in the world like you.  Almost like how I stated that not everyone takes the same outlook on situations as I. 

I feel like this is also why I started this blog in the first place, to start a platform of people that might share the same input to comment like-minded things and find common ground as I. 

In conclusion, the outcome of this group I find to be simple.  To create a platform on Facebook of people who aren't afraid to bask in their animal obsessions and help stick to the main goal at hand of making sure that their happiness is key! 

If by chance you live in Union County, NJ I encourage you to reach out and join the group or if you're not, create a group in your area!  I community becomes stronger when everyone comes together! 

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Post your experiences down below and let me how they went!  

Let me know of any more blog posts you would like to see in the future.  



How to Prepare for Waxing

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First Time?

Preparing for your first time service for anything in the cosmetology field can be scary, but even more for the sometimes painful waxing services.  The purpose of waxing is to remove the hair from the follicles, remove dead skin cells, and to help assist in having smooth prickle free skin.   

In my own personal experience, I first received my eyebrows done with the soft wax technique when I had first started High School.  There are two different types of waxing techniques; Soft Wax (With the Muslin . . . AKA Fabric Strip) and Hard Wax (Without a Strip).  The benefit of the hard wax versus soft wax is how it adheres to the hair and not the skin, thus making hard wax less painful.  Unfortunately, I soon came to realize that I had a histamine reaction to waxing procedures.  Which isn't bad, it just is to where I react in a not so pretty way to the service for the first couple of days and then I'm fine.  

Thankfully, I have come to realize that with effective exfoliation days prior and moments prior to the service help with my reaction to the service, and the pain tolerance of the service.  

My Recent Favorite's for Exfoliates are (OF COURSE CRUELTY-FREE);)

The Body Shop "Drops of Youth Face Exfoliating Gel";  I actually use this every night in my nightly skincare routine and of course right prior to my eyebrow services.  

Image result for european wax center paradise strut polish
European Wax Center's "Paradise Strut Body Polish"; once a day in the shower prior to washing my body all over, and especially right prior to my lower leg service.  The plus side as well to using European Wax Center's "Body Polish", is how it already has agents to help target hair growth minimizing so that way if I can't go as spread out with the services I can.  

Pre Wax Procedure 

  • It is very important to take part in some sort of exfoliation prior to all waxing services because it helps remove that first layer of dead skin cells to make sure that the wax will only be directing toward deeper dead skin cells in the epidermis and of course the actual hair roots.  
  • It also is very important to have proper cleanliness prior to all waxing services not only for the comfort of yourself and the wax specialist but the fact that you want to make sure that your body is rid of any excess oils, dirt, and debris so that way the likely hood of ingrown hairs are slim to none.   
  • Comfy clothing options.  NEVER go into service with form-fitting clothing items.  This will increase the likely hood of ingrown hairs with the friction of your body and the restriction causing sweat glands to release.  Also, it will help afterward and not putting too much pressure on the already sensitive area.  

The Service 

  • To start the service, the wax specialist will have you get comfortable for the service by having you on the table and cleansing the area in which you will be waxing to remove any impurities.  
  • They will proceed to apply wax to the desired area, and remove it ever so carefully and make sure to apply pressure directly afterward.  
  • Then once the service is fully complete, they will apply some sort of after relief cream/serum.  

See!  It is just that simple!  I feel like when it comes to waxing, it has a bad reputation from it being something super painful and terrible like from movies like the forty year old virgin or just anything in Hollywood.  I am here to tell you that you may experience some things that might sound of might even scare you if they occur and I'm here to tell you that they're completely normal.  

After Service Possible Outcomes

  • Histamine Reactions or Bacterial Reactions (White sporadic pimples across the region on which you waxing from possible clogged pores or sensitive skin)
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  • Redness (Normally from sensitive skin or in case you haven't received the service in a while)
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Maintaining your Freshly Waxing Skin

Now that you have received the service, you just want to make sure you're keeping up with proper exfoliation and if you're prone to ingrown hairs you use some sort of ingrown hair treatment. 

I hope this helped any nerves with a first time service for anyone and they take the leap of faith of trying something new! 

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Post your experiences down below and let me how they went!  

Let me know of any more blog posts you would like to see in the future.  



Fun Things to do in the Fall with your Dog!

If you're just like me, then that means that your favorite time of year is knocking at your door!  Especially for my dog Jagger, he loves the cooler weather.  He's got a fluffy thick coat, so you could only imagine how that must feel for him to be in the hot weather compared to the cooler weather.  I know though for some people it may be difficult to know exactly what activities that you could still take place in with your furry friend to make sure you’re both enjoying your favorite time of year!  

Let’s say for example it is a crazy work day for yourself, but you know that your pup is in a more energetic state . . . You can always look into a local doggy daycare!  We use Barker Lounge in Cranford, New Jersey for Jagger and he loves it!  They have him get super tired by doing lots of fun activities with other pups.  

Sometimes the fall unfortunately doesn’t have the most clear skies, so on those days we love to have a movie marathon inside!  Our favorite movie that we’re watched together recently is “A Dog’s Purpose”.  

Also, I find moments like these to be prime times to work on husbanry skills with your pup incase they’re not the greatest at them.  Normally we take some really high reward treats and play with his paws or brushing him and rewarding him with the treats for being a good boy!  

Starting a new training class is always a wonderful option!  In our opinion their is never too much training you can do with your pup, it will only bring you closer.  

If you’re in the Union County, New Jersey area we have loved http://www.maryalverson.com/ !  She’s really personable with the pups and truley knows what she’s doing.  

Take a roadtrip to somewhere new with your pup.  Some new and fresh smells are always great, especially if you only really have them in one general setting.  

We love to take him to trails, beaches, or even towns to just get as many smells as possible.  

Dog Parks are amazing experiences for not only the pups but the owners!  It is an easy way for your pup to socialize without too much effort.  

We use Echo Lake Dog Park in Mountainside, New Jersey.  

Have a photo shoot!  My pup is always changing, so I try to take as many opportunities to take as many photos as possible!  

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Post your favorite places to travel in the fall with your pup below!  

Let me know of any blog posts you’d like to see in the future!  


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