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Travel Life Hacks

First Things First . . .  Be thankful that you have found the opportunity to vacation and realize that you shouldn't let the opportunity stress you out, but excite you!   Prepping Normally whenever I leave for a trip whether it is a weekend trip or a two-week-long trip I always take the time to thoroughly plan out what exactly I need to shop for the trip, do before the trip, do after the trip, and of course pack for the trip.  I feel like most anxieties about vacations come from anticipation or just not knowing exactly how to conquer everything.  I start out by taking a page in my journal and splitting the front of the page in half and labeling the top with the destination and shopping list (Charleston Shopping List), underneath I label it with the destination and To-Do list (Charleston To-Do List), and on the top of the back page I label it the destination and Pack List (Charleston Pack List).  With the To-Do List and the Pack List, I set them differently by pla