Travel Life Hacks

First Things First . . .  Be thankful that you have found the opportunity to vacation and realize that you shouldn't let the opportunity stress you out, but excite you!   Prepping Normally whenever I leave for a trip whether it is a weekend trip or a two-week-long trip I always take the time to thoroughly plan out what exactly I need to shop for the trip, do before the trip, do after the trip, and of course pack for the trip.  I feel like most anxieties about vacations come from anticipation or just not knowing exactly how to conquer everything.  I start out by taking a page in my journal and splitting the front of the page in half and labeling the top with the destination and shopping list (Charleston Shopping List), underneath I label it with the destination and To-Do list (Charleston To-Do List), and on the top of the back page I label it the destination and Pack List (Charleston Pack List).  With the To-Do List and the Pack List, I set them differently by pla

Fun Things to do in the Fall with your Dog!

If you're just like me, then that means that your favorite time of year is knocking at your door!  Especially for my dog Jagger, he loves the cooler weather.  He's got a fluffy thick coat, so you could only imagine how that must feel for him to be in the hot weather compared to the cooler weather.  I know though for some people it may be difficult to know exactly what activities that you could still take place in with your furry friend to make sure you’re both enjoying your favorite time of year!   Let’s say for example it is a crazy work day for yourself, but you know that your pup is in a more energetic state . . . You can always look into a local doggy daycare!  We use Barker Lounge in Cranford, New Jersey for Jagger and he loves it!  They have him get super tired by doing lots of fun activities with other pups.   Sometimes the fall unfortunately doesn’t have the most clear skies, so on those days we love to have a movie marathon inside!  Our favorite